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Milverton Sawmill


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Milverton Sawmill is a third-generation family firm based in the Somerset village of Milverton, cutting a wide range of sustainably produced timber from the Southwest of England.



Southwest Timber at Milverton Sawmill


 We specialise in short-turnaround orders and cedar cladding, and hold a large stock of fencing material, pallet wood, woodchip, firewood and sawdust. We can cut from a one-off beam to a lorry load of bespoke product.


 All of our trees are sourced from the southwest of England, mostly from Dartmoor and the surrounding area. Most of our timber is bought from the Forestry Commission, which has FSC certification, but we also buy from many small local estates, which follow UK forestry management procedures but may not have the formal accreditation





Kindling - 3 nets for just 10


PLUS dumpy bags of logs NOW - only 13 each


Cedar 10ft x 6" x 1"  250 available- Only 4.00 plus Vat Each 


Bundles of firewood (approx 0.5 tonne) just 9.00 collected


Dumpy bags of sawdust 10 only (for animal bedding)


(Compare our price with our competition!). Delivery can be arranged - please call or email for a quote. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY IN COLD WEATHER!





We are an independent southwest sawmill, using wood from sustainably managed forests across the region. Support your local sawmiller! 


Call or email for quotes or our current prices on 01823 400244




The family firm of Clanville Sawmills operates two businesses: one in Castle Cary (trading as Jonathan Cruse & Gass) supplying crates and pallets and one in Milverton (trading as Fouracre Bros) supplying timber for trade and retail.